Marina's people are resourceful, willing and able to work hard for a better life. As WWII simmers, they emigrate from Italy to Spain, to open an ice cream shop.  Their obsession with the shop threatens to destroy the family, but when Marina meets Harry, finally she can realise another way to live.



From alternating viewpoints, Love, War and Ice Cream paints a vivid portrait of the love story of Harry and Marina, whose lives are brought together by a chance meeting in an ice cream shop.

     Harry's family, English, military and conservative, is overwhelmed by the enormous social changes that occurred after the Great War, and dismayed by the sudden disappearance of their privileged way of life.

Growing up in a different time

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Despite cultural and family tensions, Harry escapes from the assembly line of his social class, and understands what he wants from life. Marina learns that she must be selfish if she is to be happy. Together, they show their parents that life is for living.

From the restrained watercolour of middle class England to the gaudy oil painting of life in Cadiz, Love, War and Ice Cream tells the stories of two very different families struggling to survive in a new world order after WWII.